Chris Favo

Chris Favo

Adjunct Professor
Program: Corporate Compliance

Chris Favo brings extensive investigative experience in both the public and private sectors, unearthing complex fraud schemes of all types. In addition, he has worked in government and corporate compliance programs for 14 years.

Professor Favo was a supervisory special agent in the FBI, an assistant general counsel at 3M, director of investigations at Arconic, and chief ethics and compliance officer at Howmet Aerospace. While serving as a special agent in the FBI, he led successful investigations of terrorist bombings, an organized crime family war, narcotics gang wars, and international investment fraud schemes. In addition, he spent three years on the FBI/DOJ Enron task force, serving on teams investigating the chief financial officer and the chief executive officer. In the private sector, he has led internal investigations at 3M, Arconic, and Howmet Aerospace into a litany of fraud, theft, securities, and accounting schemes. Professor Favo’s roles at the FBI and in the private sector went beyond investigations as he oversaw the design and implementation of risk assessment programs, third-party due diligence programs, training programs, and every other aspect of modern compliance programs.

Professor Favo earned a BA in history from the University of Notre Dame and a Juris Doctor from the Columbus School of Law, Catholic University of America.

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