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MSL in International Business Law and Dispute Resolution

Pitt Law launched the Master of Studies in Law (MSL) in International Business Law and Dispute Resolution specialization after seeing a need for busy professionals to gain knowledge and experience in cross-border transactions and disputes. Why is Pitt Law well suited to teach in this area? Based on the success of the Center for International Legal Education, which exists to advance legal education and the rule of law throughout the world, Pitt Law faculty members are well equipped to bring this unique program to you.

Paired with the Master of Studies in Law core courses, the MSL in International Business Law and Dispute Resolution specialization prepares you for understanding and managing U.S. and international business transactions, and further equips you to manage cross-border disputes via skills gained in litigation, mediation and arbitration.

See what the MSL in International Business Law can do for you.

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The MSL in International Business Law and Dispute Resolution: The Perfect Fit for Busy Professionals

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Pitt Law’s online courses are delivered through a custom, engaging learning platform. Asynchronous classes give you the flexibility to learn whenever and wherever is most convenient for you.

Even with maximum flexibility, you will find support from Pitt Law’s faculty members and from your cohort. Course instructors check in on and support student progress through each week of your courses and interact with you via email, comments on assignments, discussion threads, and through group and private discussions, primarily conducted through Zoom.

The course materials are organized by a weekly schedule, which makes it easy for you to know what work to complete when. You will also find consistency between your core MSL courses and your International Business Law and Dispute Resolution courses, meaning it will be easier for you to know what to expect so that you can successfully navigate your current career and your education.

Take advantage of Pitt Law’s 5:1 student-to-faculty ratio, which provides you with individualized attention that sets you up for success during your master’s program and after graduation.

What can you do with an MSL in International Business Law and Dispute Resolution?

Earning your master’s degree in legal studies will positively impact both your earning potential and your career trajectory. Holding an MSL degree with an in depth specialization in international business law will set you apart in the job market. Review a sampling of common job titles held by people with MSL degrees. In the list below, an understanding of the law and how it governs your role is crucial to success in each position.

Senior Contract Negotiator

Contract negotiators perform the very specific duties associated with preparing and negotiating the specifics of a contract. Due to the ever-increasing reliance on contractors and freelance workers in today’s economy, the ability to negotiate the terms of a contract has become a valuable skill set in countless professions. Salaries for positions under this and similar titles average a $93,500 salary per year.1

Senior Business Analyst

Business analysts perform a number of duties with the goal of understanding the key challenges and goals of a business and then make recommendations to achieve key priorities. Business analysts are often employed by a single company, or may work for a number of clients. In either case, a firm understanding of the laws and regulations that impact those challenges and goals is critical to ensuring that the recommendations made are appropriate and actionable. The average base salary for this position or similar titles is $113,429 per year.2

Arbitrator, Mediator or Conciliator

These titles are grouped together because they manage similar tasks. In one of these roles, you would be responsible for facilitating communication between parties in dispute. With your studies in dispute resolution, you would help with negotiations to resolve conflicts out of court. The median pay for 2020 was $66,130.3

Paralegal or Legal Assistant

This program allows you to further specialize in commercial law if you already work as a paralegal or legal assistant. In these roles, you support lawyers by providing research support, drafting legal documents, maintaining files and more. Paralegals can work in different areas of law, including as a corporate paralegal or a litigation paralegal. The employment outlook for these positions is expected to grow 12 percent (faster than average) over the next eight years.4

International Business Law and Dispute Resolution Specialization Courses

After completing 15 credits of core courses that make up the Online MSL program, you will earn 15 credits in the International Business Law and Dispute Resolution specialization. This specialization consists of five courses curated to introduce you to the nuance of international law and transnational disputes.

  • Introduction to U.S. and International Business Law (3 credits)
  • Commercial Aspects of Cross-Border Transactions (3 credits)
  • Specialty Areas in Cross-Border Transactions (3 credits)
  • Foundations of International Dispute Resolution and Litigation (3 credits)
  • Special Topic in International Transactional or Dispute Resolution Law (3 credits)

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Charles Kotuby.jpg
Meet International Business Law and Dispute Resolution Professor Charles Kotuby
Charles Kotuby is a professor of practice and serves as executive director of the Center for International Legal Education at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law. He has 20 years of experience as an international law counsel representing multinational corporations and sovereign states in complex international disputes. He has also acted in international arbitrations and litigations in a range of sectors and industries, and has been counsel to clients with treaty-based claims in Central Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East, and has appeared as counsel in international matters before the U.S. Supreme Court, the Court of Justice of the European Union, ICSID, UNCITRAL and ad hoc arbitral tribunals.

Professor Kotuby has published extensively on issues of international arbitration and international law, authoring or co-authoring more than two dozen articles and book chapters over the last 20 years. He is an active arbitrator and a Fellow in the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, and a member of the United States Government Delegation to UNCITRAL Working Group III on Reforms to Investor-State Dispute Settlement. Professor Kotubty is also a member of the U.S. State Department Advisory Committee on Private International Law, an Honorary Professor of Law at the University of Durham in the United Kingdom, and the U.S. editor for the website www.conflictoflaws.net.

Professor Kotuby is a Pitt Law School alumnus.

Earn the MSL in International Business Law and Dispute Resolution Made for You

Pitt Law’s Online MSL specializations are uniquely tailored to the business opportunities you seek. Earning your MSL with the Business Law and Dispute Resolution specialization will set you apart in the world of international commercial law.

Pitt Law School is proud of our nationally-recognized MSL program. Join Pitt Law’s legal community and robust alumni network to grow your career and employment prospects.

Admissions Deadlines

Priority Deadline
July 11
Fall 2022
Final Deadline
August 8
Fall 2022
Start Date
August 22
Fall 2022


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